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We’ll start with this one where a person claims DealDash is a scam on RipOffReport.com

“They claim to be a fair and honest site, But it is site that every time the time goes down to zero it shows that someone has placed a bet, They advertise a full refund of your money, but there is nothing on the site to let you get your money back. This type of betting is a RIP OFF and so does everyone I know.”

What that person is describing is exactly how the site is supposed to work.  On DealDash (and every other penny auction site), you pay each time you place a bid.  The average cost of bids on DealDash is $0.15 per bid.  During the last 10 seconds of an auction, any bid placed resets the auction timer back to 10 seconds.  That means that users have an incentive to not bid until the last second, because if you bid for example at 9 seconds, you’re just resetting the bidder to 10 seconds anyway.  Bidders who wait until the last second to place a bid generally spend less on bids than users who don’t wait until the last second.  This is all very clearly explained on the DealDash website, so to sign up for a site, use all of what you paid for (bids in the case of the bad review above) and then ask for a refund wouldn’t be fair.  That would be like going to a restaurant, eating your entire meal and then asking for your money back.

Next, see what this person on Reddit says about DealDash being a scam

absolutely, you buy bids, the price of the item at the end is irrelevent. If you tally up the cost of all the bids for the item, it far outweighs the items value, so the company is getting rich.

It is gambling in that you might be the “last bid” with your only try, and thus “win”, and thats the hook, but odds are you will lose.

What this person is describing would be accurate if every bid placed on the auction all came from the winning bidder, but that isn’t the case at all.  If an auction ends at $10.00, that means 1000 bids were placed on the auction, with each bid grossing $0.15 for DealDash.  That means that DealDash received $150 for the bids placed on the auction.  Those bids all came from different people though, as it’s impossible for all the bids to only come from one account.  Users on DealDash win auctions all the time with the numbers of bids they’ve placed costing far far far less than the total retail value of the item up for grabs.  We here at DealDash Elite are an independent third party that monitors every auction on DealDash.com.  If you install DealDash Elite you’ll be able to see the exact number of bids placed by every single bidder on an auction (along with a lot more).  DealDash wouldn’t be able to sustain their business (which they’ve been doing successfully for years by the way) if people weren’t getting value of being repeat bidders on various auctions.

So now you know DealDash isn’t a scam…but how to win more often?

We know what you’re thinking “alright, great…I understand how the site works now, but that doesn’t help me win more frequently”, and we like the way you think!  Once you understand that winning isn’t as simple as showing up, you’re on the right path.  The best bidders on DealDash (IE – the people who win day in & day out) are those who have put the time into formulating great winning strategies.  While that topic is more than we can cover here, we can point you in the right direction.  Have a look at the DealDash Beginner Strategies blog post here on our site and go from there.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]